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Writing papers in biological sciences

College entrance essay prompts, writing a research essay, importance of writing a research paper:

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Study of sexism in school
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The theme about stereotypes and prejudice is really important in our society. Walter Lipmann is the man, who defines first the term stereotype in his…

The Effects of Sexism in Schools
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The theme about stereotypes and prejudice is really important in our society. Walter Lipmann is the man, who defines first the term stereotype in…

Stereotypes prejudice and sexism in school
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Sexism in school The theme about stereotypes and prejudice is really important in our society. Walter Lippmann is the man, who defines first the …

Theories of Pattern Recognition
Student Written Essay
Introduction: “Humans are pattern-seeking animals and we are adept at finding patterns whether they exist or not” Discuss knowledge questions raised by this idea in…

Comparison of Washing Powders: Blood on Clothes
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The aim of this project is to investigate whether blood would be present after laundering blood soaked clothing. The materials used for this project…

Women in the Scientific Revolution
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The scientific revolution is generally considered part of the broader intellectual revolution that began with the Italian Renaissance and the…

Diet Nutrition Weight
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Healing america’s population through knowledge of disease and nutrition: An interdisciplinary approach

The Natural And Human Sciences
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Our knowledge in the natural and human sciences has evolved significantly over the past centuries. This can be primarily attributed to disagreement…

Alfred Lord Tennyson: An Analysis
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Tennyson was a prolific poet, his poetry ranged from being relatively joyful to upon investigation and scrutiny very nihilist and pessimistic in tone…

Ideas of race in the western society
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Introduction:  Human beings have distinctly different characteristics that according to anthropologists of the past claim these differences are…

Ethics Of Hans Jonas Philosophy Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Science and philosophy though are separate disciplines they co-exist with each other. Hans Jonas a prominent thinker not only has succeeded in bridging the gap of …

Impact of the Islamic Invasion on Spain
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The history of Spain reflects the effect of certain cultures and religions on Spanish population, language, traditions and style of life. In the Middle…

Concept of Randomness in Statistics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In statistics, irrelevant or meaningless data is considered noise (random error). Whereas in communication theory, random disturbance in a signal is…

The Application Of Qualitative Research
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Research s in Computer Science Qualitative research is involves using various methods ranging from participant observation, interviews, and action…

Health Essays – Childhood Obesity Overweight
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Childhood obesity in the United States is proving to be a topic of major concern. Throughout the past decades, this issue has been overlooked and simply unattended to.

Analysis of Critical Psychology Theories
Student Written Dissertation
Introduction: One of the most important bodies of knowledge is psychology. It is through psychology that so many disorders have been dealt with.

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Student Written Essay
Introduction: What is your sexual orientation: heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual? Many people in the world would say they are heterosexual, or straight.

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